Screenwriter/producer/director Paul Chitlik has written for all the major networks and studios. He was story editor for "The New Twilight Zone," and staff writer for Showtime's "Brothers." He was coordinating producer for “Real Stories of the Highway Patrol” and “U.S. Customs Classified,” starring Stephen Cannell , directing episodes of both. He wrote and produced the first network movie in DV, "Alien Abduction," for UPN. He wrote, produced, and directed "Ringling Brothers Revealed" for Travel Channel. He has written features for Rysher Entertainment, NuImage, Promark, and others. He received a WGA award nomination for his work on "The Twilight Zone," a GLAAD Media Award nomination, and won a Genesis Award for a Showtime movie. He has taught screenwriting at UCLA, Loyola Marymount University (where he is currently a clinical assistant professor), ESCAC (the film school of the University of Barcelona) and EICTV, in Havana, Cuba. He has consulted for Ibermedia , the Spanish language consortium, the Chilean development fund, ScreenWest Australia, the Australian Writers Guild, and various production companies in the US and abroad. He began teaching residential workshops in 2008. They've been held in Italy, Spain, the U.S., and France.

Thoughts from Students:

“Paul is the best. His communication skills are impeccable. Very concise and clear in his dialogue with the class.”
“I feel that my writing is constantly getting better.”
“Paul is excellent at communicating important concepts in screenwriting. I love that Paul always reinforces the basics.”
“Paul's notes were specific and helpful.”
“I have learned a lot from Paul, not only theory, but work habits and strategy.”
“He knows the business and life of writing, and it shows.”
“His feedback helped tremendously. He brings everything back to structure and how to be creative with it.”
“Love him. He's fantastic. An amazing teacher.”
“Adept, insightful, warm, and genuine.”
“He [is] always forthright while being supportive, so I always knew where I needed to focus.”
“(He) helped me finish a rewrite that I feel good about.”
“He cares about his students and the craft and loves great story telling. He's patient and helps us with the big and the small picture.”
“He saved me and put me on the best possible path.”
“Emphasizing story arc and character design, Paul works with students in a structured and disciplined way. As a writer who procrastinates all too often and can't even begin to write without fully understanding my story, I need that. I've taken four workshops with Paul, and will do so again.”

Contact the Rewrite Mentor: Paul.chitlik@gmail.com

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